1152-1499 The Great Survival

The growth of the civilized people in the western lands of Eirethune was progressing fervently until the middle of the twelfth century.  This marked the first wave of attacks by the Ûr Lords, but certainly not the last.  Coupled with their assault on the fiefs of the West, there were four other completely unrelated areas of warfare which wracked Eirethune to its core.  The High Elves were brought to the brink of extinction in one war; the plains of current day Angleside and the Mote were almost annihilated by dragons in another; the entirety of Bavarin was under hostile control by amphibious barbaric creatures of the sea in a third; and white & black dragons drove out the Tatanic Dwarven Lords in the last.  By 1500, all people of Eirethune were ready for a change.

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