2312-2364 Dark Lords of the South

2312-2318 Elven-Human Wars of the
2317-2324 Southland Ravaged
2325-2353 Drow-Human
2335-2337 Third Visitation of Ahrahth

Ahrahth came again to Eirethune, this time to visit Regent.  Ahrahth visited to make sure that his followers knew that attachment to the world of demons and the horrors of devil-kind were not part of his domain.  Ahrahth refocused his followers to understand that Death was his domain, and not destruction.  When the Dark Lords rose up from the mountains and gathered the Ur children there to destroy all civilization, Ahrahth made it known that this was not part of his path.  Death will come to all - Mourn it not were the words of Ahrahth to his followers in 2336 just outside Regis Cliff.  This understanding led his worshippers to join the Drow-Human Alliance to fight back against the Dark Lords and return order and the normal progression of death to the lands. 

2354-2369 Elven-Vaddoren

2358-2364 Pogrom of the Light